Neo tony lee


Neo Tony LEE is a self-taught photographer specialising in ART, Music, Fashion, Portraiture and Celebrity
photography. Based in Paris and NY, he shoots both studio and location…
His work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide including Paperjam, Art newspapers.
Neo Tony Lee is an Art Director and Photographer who’s work regularly ends up in some magazine even
though he only started his photography career in september 2008 – I thought it fit why not this one too?
In his career he’s worked with people like Nordine ZIDOUN, Christophe MOURTHE, Virginie Lentulus and
has also taken pictures for Jin Meyerson, McCallum, Renee COX and many other well known people.
Neo was born in Saigon (Vietnam) but lives between Paris and New York because he needs to be in an
artistic city as he draws energy from the artistic in Paris and New York. His creative surroundings is what
inspires him.
His photography is inspired by Christophe Mourthe, because “In french: J’ai decouvert son univers et j’etai
emerveille. Il m a explique sa facon de sublimer une femme, et j’ai compris ce que je souhaiterai faire, juste
sublimer mes sujets.
His favorite type of photography is the ‘‘ artistic moment ’’ as he describes it and with hobbies like music,
travelling and art, as well as being an art director, he taught himself the art of photography out of his desire
to capture beautiful moments.
As Photographer the part he enjoys the most is to ‘‘ perform himself ’’ and to make dreams come true…
His favourite make of camera is the Canon just because he likes the name and if he can give other new and
upcoming photographers a tip on how to be successful it would be just to have fun and not to be too
He believes to get recognised as a photographer it heavily depends on who you are and the type of work
you do.
Neo’s wish is to open the minds of some people… to make them aware and accept each other’s differences
in artistic expression.
So far Neo most enjoyed working with Virginie Lentulus: “My favourite Model from Milano!”.
He hates reading and would rather be respected than liked as with being respected the liking comes with.
His choice artist is Jeff Koons, David Lachapelle and his most rewarding moment in his career was when
people started recognising him as a real artist in his own right.
For him as the photographer, a model makes it easier for him by having fun and enjoying it. His work can be
recognized or identified by unique characteristics as he captures the moment, focus’s on detail and also
colour. Personally I find pleasure in the emotional content that is captured in his work.
Neo Tony LEE has his own Art Gallery in Paris, France and to model in his work for him, he uses many of his
Since he only started photography a few months ago, his hopes and dreams for his career is to publish
some books and catalogs on his work- and of course to be interviewed by The Modeling Magazine- very
sweet of you Neo Tony.
Neo Tony defines photography as the way he sees beauty. His biggest strength is his artistic sense and
since he does so many interesting and ‘different’ things in his life, like art directing, artist management and
photography being his passion- he shouldn’t look back or change a single thing- and he doesn’t. His family
calls him NeO Tony because he makes changes and creates new things all the time. It’s part of who he is.
His work can be found in numerous magazines in France but also on internet on his website . As a
successful and upcoming photographer he says the show must still, and will still go on…

Les divas du calvaire

– 2009 : Salon du Chocolat « les 7 pêchés du Chocolat et La CENE», Paris
– 2009 : GroupShow Art & Design with Rodrigue Fernandez MCID Creations, Paris
– 2009 : GroupShow ART , Alexis Peskine, Rodrigue Fernandez, Paris
– 2009 : « Les 7 Pêchés du Chocolat et La CENE » at Paiva, Champs Elysées Paris
– 2010 : Fashion Show for Fashon Week at Saut du Loup, Caroussel du Louvre, Paris
– 2010 : GROUPSHOWART 02 with Jonathan Spitzer, Paris
– 2010 : ” N e O G L a M ” at “Enfants de Choeur”, OPERA, Paris
– 2010 : “NTL” La Villa St Michel, Paris
– 2010 : GROUPSHOWART.2010.05 at MONACO soon in May
– 2010 : Soon in MIAMI and NEW YORK

Neo Tony lee photographer

NEO TONY LEE – Directeur Artistique, Artiste Visuel, Photographe – Paris, Luxembourg, New York.