Marco Tenaglia

Marco is a professional photographer based in Rome, Italy. After completing his education in the field of photography and graduating from \”High Institute of Photography\” in Rome, Marco began his career as a Professional Fashion, Beauty, and Modeling photographer, in the Fashion and Modeling industries. Due to his close ties to the fashion and modeling industries, and as the results of his connections and participation as a Professional Photographer in many Fashion and Modeling events, both in Italy as well as United States of America, Marco had the opportunity to study and evaluate the differences between these two (European and American) styles and cultures. Using his creative and artistic talents combined with his technical expertise, Marco combined the European elegance with American style and ingenuity, to developed and created a new and unique way of photography to enhance and capture the essence and beauty of both the designs and the models. Marco is available for Professional assignments in the Fashion, Modeling, and Commercial industries, both in Europe and United States of America.

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