Doris Style : high fashion,editorial

Best Feature: my make up brushes

Something Doris Should Know : i bring a professional yet fun element to a shoot,i’m easy going, hard working and up for a challenge!!!

Interests : fashion,art,travel,music


Hates : models that muck about with their face after i have applied their make up!

Music: all sorts!! dance,rock,reggae,pop my music collection is massive!!! albums and cd’s!!!

Reading : travel books! make up books! and autobiographies!!


Ideal Night Out: with my friends from around the world! with a bucket of sangsom and red bull in hand, on haad rin beach in Koh Phangan Thailand! dancing and laughing whilst watching the sun rise!

Partied & Dined With: Alistair white head,T power,friends and family!!

Want To Party & Dine With: kate moss!!


via doris; Make-up Artist based in nottingham/london/world wide United Kingdom.