Marc Collins discovered his great passion for photography at 24, when he took his first photographs using his father’s Leica.

Marc Collins

As an autodidact, he started off with fashion photographs, and this allowed him to learn all about working with light and camera techniques. Collins lives in Berlin and works with analog and modern digital photography.

Marc Collins

From an early stage, he had a great passion for the artistic representation of beautiful women and their bodies, so he soon specialized in erotic nude photography.

Marc Colins

Always in search of the natural sensuality of his models, he developed a style and an attitude of his own. When shooting, he prefers spontaneity, hardly ever planning precise settings and poses. The focus is always on capturing the mood and the charisma of the model.

Collins prefers to work on location. His favourite locations are the beaches of the Caribbean, Brazil and the Seychelles. As a result of the interaction of daylight and environment, his photographs evoke a natural and captivating mood.

Besides those published in calendars, magazines and books, his nude photographs are to be seen worldwide in Internet galleries and exhibitions.

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